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With the right mix of high quality materials and expert installation, there's no limit to the ways in which you can improve your home or business with new concrete.  From new construction to replacement and repairs, CNY Concrete is here to make your project an affordable success.

Concrete Patios

Whether it's pouring concrete for a new backyard patio, or pouring a commercial area expansion, there's no room for error when it comes to keeping things safe and level.  CNY offers the best combination of professionalism and value on new patio concrete in the Syracuse area.

Concrete Sidewalks

Our sidewalk installation services have been honed over many years, and today we're regarded as one of the most accurate and skilled concrete sidewalk installers.  We impart the same high levels of quality and safety on every project, and offer a wide range of standard and decorative options.

Concrete Decorative Sidewalks

For homeowners and businesses who are seeking something a bit more visually impressive, having a custom or decorative sidewalk installed is a wonderful option.  This can include detailed edges, custom line designs, staining, tile inlays and many other options.

Concrete Steps

Overlooking even the most seemingly mundane detail of your new concrete steps can result in injuries, lawsuits or shoddy appearance.  Ever the sticklers for detail, we've been designing, repairing and installing concrete steps for businesses in Syracuse for over 17 years.  Please note, we only provide concrete steps as a commercial service.

Catch Basin Repair

It's not uncommon for simple catch basin problems to quickly become more severe over time, and this can lead to costly replacements and damage to your foundation.  CNY Concrete knows the importance of a properly-functioning catch basin and offers a wide range of repair services.