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Anyone who has seen an epoxy-coated floor already knows about their visual benefits.  Aside from giving off a clean, sleek appearance, special anti-skid additives help provide more confident footing during snowy weather or wet conditions.  One of the lesser-known advantages is their ability to resist and prevent oil penetration, while beading water for a coated finish that wipes up spills with ease.  It's also a perfect solution for hiding imperfections in your older existing concrete.

At CNY Concrete we're known for more than just patios and parking lots.  We're proud to offer professional epoxy floor service at affordable rates and guaranteed superior results.

Residential Epoxy-coated Floors

It started with garages and evolved to virtually every type of concrete floor imaginable.  Today many are using epoxy to coat basements, garages, foyers and more.  For about the same money you would spend in time and materials, CNY Concrete can provide a professional epoxy coating to any surface in or on your property.  We have an awesome selection of stock and custom colors, as well as color chips for an even more distinct finish. 

Epoxy-coated floors for Businesses

Why would a business want to have their floors professionally-coated with epoxy? It provides a more sophisticated appearance for corporate entryways, and serves as an easy way to give your property a more distinctive and professional-looking exterior.  In addition, epoxy floors impart more stable footing in warehouses and storage basements; helping to reduce employee slip and fall risk.  CNY is known for offering among the best rates in Syracuse on professional commercial epoxy floors.

Transform Your Concrete Surfaces with Epoxy Floors in Syracuse

Whether you're a homeowner looking to give your garage an epoxy upgrade, or a business concerned with the safety of staff and guests, CNY Concrete Syracuse can help you bring those boring concrete surfaces to life.

Call us today at 315-463-0143 for a free estimate, or to learn more about the advantages of having your floor epoxy-coated by a team of seasoned pros.