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What do you do when your concrete surfaces are in bad shape, but you're not in a position to undertake a complete replacement?  For many homeowners and businesses in Syracuse concrete resurfacing is an economically smart option.  Resurfacing can be applied to many types of concrete surfaces depending on age and severity, and is a great way to protect the appearance and safety of your grounds.

At CNY Concrete in Syracuse, we understand that budgets and time constraints often do not allow for full replacements.  With this in mind we strive to offer the most affordable prices on professional concrete resurfacing in Syracuse.

Residential Concrete Resurface

Regardless of whether you're new to Syracuse and dealing with old damaged concrete, or a long time resident concerned with safety or resale value, CNY offers a number of solutions that can help you save time and money.  We resurface everything from concrete steps and sidewalks, to patios, basements and residential driveways.  Call us today and find out why more residents in the Syracuse and CNY areas continue to trust our masonry professionalism.

Commercial Concrete Resurfacing

You can't take chances when it comes to the safety of your commercial property, and concrete is certainly no exception.  It only takes one slip and fall to send your bottom line into the financial abyss.  At CNY commercial concrete we make it easier and more affordable for business owners and property managers to ensure a safe, inviting atmosphere, with affordable concrete resurfacing services for every type of business or property style.

The Best Rates on Professional Concrete Resurfacing

Over the past 18 years we've been working tirelessly to make masonry more affordable in the Syracuse area.  To learn why so many continue to trust our keen eye and unwavering expertise, call 315-463-0143 for more information on resurfaced concrete.  We'll give you a free estimate while exploring your options and addressing any concerns you may have.