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How do you take every day, run-of-the-mill concrete surfaces and give them a look that's truly one of a kind?  As many homeowners and businesses have found out, concrete staining is a fast, fun and affordable way to increase the unique look and feel of any garage, basement, driveway, patio or concrete staircase.

CNY is one of the premier providers of expert concrete stain services in the Syracuse area, offering a huge selection of options and styles to enhance the appearance and visual appeal of your property.

Residential Concrete Stain Services

Until recently there was only so much you could do to make your concrete surfaces less boring in appearance.  With stained concrete the possibilities are seemingly endless. Today it's possible to choose shades that accent the exterior of your home, while adding depth and dimension to basements, garage floors, driveways and more.  We offer a full spectrum of concrete staining options to make your home stand out from the crowd!

Commercial Concrete Staining

Making a powerful impression on clients and prospects is an important part of doing business today.  When it comes to your store or commercial property, finding new ways to make it stand out can mean the difference between success and lost sales.  At CNY Concrete in Syracuse, we help thriving companies protect and beautify their properties with affordable stained concrete services for businesses of every size and industry.

Transform Your Concrete Surfaces Affordably

Ready to give your plain Jane concrete surfaces a bit of much needed personalization?  CNY Concrete Syracuse has been staining concrete since it first came on to the scene, and we guarantee the most competitive rates and superior service with every application.   Call us today to learn more at 315-463-0143.