Cookout season is just around the corner, which makes this a wise time for those in Syracuse to inspect the appearance and safety of any backyard concrete surfaces.  Sadly, this usually doesn't happen until after someone trips on a large crack, or sprains their ankle on a loose chunk that broke off with no warning.  Not only can this serve as the perfect backyard summer buzzkill, it could also leave your children or guests injured, not to mention a gigantic bill to deal with.  From an aesthetic perspective, having damaged and cracked shards of concrete scattered about your backyard oasis is really no way to impress guests.  We're just saying.

Whether you're new to the area and doing your homework on new patio installations, or a lifetime Syracuse resident who's been putting off new concrete for years, here are a few ideas on how to give your backyard concrete patio some love this spring:

Restore & Resurface Aged Concrete

If you're not ready to have a new patio poured, many concrete surfaces can be repaired and resurfaced back to a more safe and aesthetically-pleasing condition.  This, of course, will depend on the level of damage and/or corrosion inherent to your specific situation.  After conducting a detailed inspection, a skilled Syracuse concrete installer will be able to tell you if resurfacing your patio is an option.  If not, you might want to skip ahead to our section on New Patio Installs.

Concrete Patio Epoxy Coating

If the integrity of your patio is strong and free of major damage, having it epoxy-coated is a super stylish way to add protection and a stunning appearance.  After touching up and prepping any compromised areas, a trained (very important) epoxy floor installer can then apply the epoxy coating to your concrete surface.  You've probably seen this even if you don't remember seeing it.  It gives surfaces a sleek, wet look and slightly rubbery texture that improves footing and protects the concrete sublayer.  Be sure to check out our gallery of Syracuse NY epoxy floor projects.

Install a New Patio… and Maybe a Firepit!

So far we've talked about those looking to improve their existing patios.  But what if you're new to the Syracuse area and living in a home that did not come with a patio?  Starting with a blank slate is exciting and full of possibilities, though many people never get past the dreaming phase, for fear of how much a new patio will cost them to do it right.  Before you scrap the idea altogether, we invite you to see why CNY Concrete Services makes it affordable to have a new patio installed in Syracuse.

Affordable Concrete Services for Syracuse Patios

To learn more about having your patio resurfaced, epoxy-coated or installed from scratch, call the concrete installers Syracuse NY trusts more than anyone else.  CNY Concrete Services proudly serves the entire Syracuse area and is here to help by calling 315-463-0143.