Few things are as fun and relaxing as spending time on the patio with family, friends and loved ones.  Given enough time, however, the combination of intense heat, blistering cold and year-round moisture can degrade the materials that make your patio smooth and level.  The most common forms of patio concrete damage are cracks, splits, fading and uneven surfaces.  Not only can these be unsightly, they can result in plenty of trips, dropped trays and stubbed toes.

If your Syracuse patio is beginning to show its age, here are few ways to get it looking new again.  Keep in mind that every patio is unique, and that the level of damage and degradation will factor into which options are best in the long run.

Concrete Resurfacing

For homeowners with newer patios in need of repair, as well as those on limited budgets, having your residential concrete resurfaced is an excellent option.  The process involves a deep surface air-blasting to remove residue and identify any visible or hard-to-see damage.  From there, any surface gaps are filled and graded down to a perfectly-even level.  Once completed, your patio will be free of any ugly imperfections and much safer for those who traffic it.

Concrete Staining & Epoxy Coating

Another option for those with newer concrete and those who've recently had their patio resurfaced, finishing options such as patio staining and decorative epoxy coating can add new levels of beauty and protection.  Stained concrete is perfect for those looking to match the color scheme of their home, while epoxy coating gives concrete a sleek look with increased protection and improved footing.

Concrete Replacement

When the level of damage outweighs the ability to do a routine resurfacing, sometimes it's just better to have new concrete poured.  Older patios with extensive splitting and cracks may continue to degrade even after having repairs, which could be more costly over extended periods of time.  Be sure to call a professional Syracuse masonry company, as every aspect needs to be precise; including level surface, concrete density, edge consistency and more.

Call the Concrete Patio Experts Syracuse NY Trusts

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